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Security Hygiene Tips

Good Internet Browsing Hygiene

It is important to keep your internet web browser up-to-date for various security reasons such as protecting your data and personal information. Maintaining an up-to-date internet web browser is the first line of security protecting your computer from malicious websites and bad actors (criminals). An up-to-date internet web browser enhances a optimal webpage navigation experience.

Another reason to keep your browser up-to-date is because Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences is continuously updating and upgrading its SoftMouse.NET colony management software with the latest technologies thus making an up-to-date internet browser beneficial for efficient navigation.

Good Email Security Hygiene

Email is one of the main infection methods.

  • If you are EVER unsure, about the source of an email don’t open it.

  • Please note that Iseehear Inc. will never ask for your credit card or other personal information by email.

  • Do not send Credit Card information in your email correspondence with Iseehear Inc. Learn more about secure payment options here

  • Be cautious of unsolicited or suspicious emails asking for any personal information or that refer you to web sites that may ask for personal information.

  • Avoid clicking on email links or downloading email attachments from sources you do not know or trust.

Good Password Security Hygiene

  • It is good practice in general to change your passwords and security questions frequently, and to review all your services and financial accounts for any suspicious activity.

  • Do not use the same password on multiple accounts.

Good Data Backup Hygiene Practices

  • Backing up important data is the single most effective way of combating ransomware infection. Learn more about how Iseehear/SoftMouse provides you with multiple backup options.

  • Individuals should ensure that backups are appropriately protected or stored so that attackers can’t delete them.

  • The SoftMouse.NET Support Desk, recommends that our subscribers backup their data to a spreadsheet or PDF at least once a week or every two weeks.

  • Use Iseehear Inc. cloud services to help you retain previous versions of your colony management data files.

Good Software update(s) Hygiene

  • Anti-virus security software needs to be installed on every single computer and mobile device you own or use.

  • Always keep your Anti-virus security software up-to-date to protect your data and yourself.

  • Run a virus scan on your computers daily.

  • Keep your operating system and other software updated.

  • Software updates will frequently include patches for newly discovered security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Good Credit Card Hygiene

  • DO NOT send Credit Card information in your email correspondence with Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences. Learn more about Email Security Hygiene

  • DO NOT provide personal identifiable credit card information over the telephone as this would not be in compliance with privacy and credit card policies.

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