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Security > User Data Backup Options

User Data Backup Options

We employ multiple backup strategies to backup all of our subscribers' data:

Cloud Backups

All subscriber data is automatically backed up.

We have two internal secure Cloud methods of data backup of all data inputted into the SoftMouse database:
  1. A real time Cloud backup into a second database
  2. A daily backup into a secondary Cloud location

Automated Personal Backups

Spreadsheet-formatted data backups can be automatically sent by email to paying subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis, as selected by the subscriber.

As part of our service, we can send you an export of all of your data inputted to date on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is an automated backup that will come at a preset time and be emailed to you as an spreadsheet attachment.

Subscribers can also execute the following manual local back up features that are included within the application and are available at all times:
  1. Print all Lists to PDF (Portable Document Format) and/or print to paper copy
  2. Export all Lists to a spreadsheet which can be saved on a local computer

How to manually backup your data.
On the SoftMouse interface, you can manually export a full data back up of your data at any time by:
  1. Opening the gear icon at the top right of the interface
  2. And clicking "Export all data"

Audit Log

We also have an audit log that traces all updates made to your data, including:
  1. what change was made (old value and new value),
  2. which user made the change,
  3. on what date and what time.

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