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Data Backup Options

Data Backup Options

Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences employs multiple backup strategies to backup all of our subscribers' data:
  1. SoftMouse.NET ensures that customer data remains available through complete automated daily backups.
  2. SoftMouse.NET customer’s also have the option to manually back their data up to a Spreadsheet or PDF whenever they so desire.
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Cloud Backups

All subscriber data is automatically backed up.

Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences backs-up the SoftMouse database every day at a secure second location. This back-up represents a non-editable copy of all data inputted into the database up to that date. By "non-editable", we mean that no SoftMouse user (including yourself or any one in your lab) can access these back-ups to change the content, i.e. the back-ups represent an actual snapshot of your colony from that time point. By extension, with these back-ups, we can pull up a copy of your data from a previous point in time if you ever need to reference what your colony looked like exactly at a specific time point.

We have two internal secure Cloud methods of data backup of all data inputted into the SoftMouse database:
  1. A real time Cloud backup into a second database
  2. A daily backup into a secondary Cloud location

Manual Personal Backups

Subscribers can execute the following manual local back up features that are included within the application and are available at all times:
  1. Print all Lists to PDF (Portable Document Format) and/or print to paper copy
  2. You can export your data from each list by clicking the cloud with arrow icon on each main SoftMouse.NET list.

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Audit Log

We also have an audit log that traces all updates made to your data, including:
  1. what change was made (old value and new value),
  2. which user made the change,
  3. on what date and what time.

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